FUNDRAISING 101: non profit ideas for fundraising


Your 1st FUNDRAISER in "ONLY 2 Hours"

If you serve a population who requires funding to provide services, you have come to the right place. Contact us via email and you will be scheduled for a free visit and demonstration.

Collaborate With Others

Having a big organization is NOT NECESSARY to raise dollars for your organization's needs. We can connect you with other organizations to work toward "SUCCESSFUL FUNDRAISING" together. Let us help you get everybody excited!!!

Display Real Testimonials on Social Media

Are your customers raving about your most recent FUNDRAISER on social media? We can help you share their great stories to help increase future fundraisers.

Share the big news

We can help you share your "GOOD WORKS" in the community with friends, families, and visitors... while fundraising.

Expand your organization's "Grant Funding"

 We can help you design a grant application & activity that is unique and emphasizes your accomplishments with special needs children and adults (church fundraising ideas included)