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Arbecy Music Without Limits

Our Mission: CREATE "INCLUSION ACTIVITIES" which produce quality of Life:

Our Mission: CREATE "INCLUSION ACTIVITIES" which produce quality of Life:

Our Mission: CREATE "INCLUSION ACTIVITIES" which produce quality of Life: Our Mission: CREATE "INCLUSION ACTIVITIES" which produce quality of Life:




New York Blind Bell Choir TRAINING IS FREE to all Blind, Deaf-Blind, and Visually Impaired participants.  Auditions Times (and Training Times) are scheduled for November 16, 17th, and 18th. The specific times and places will be listed on this page as of November 1st, 2018. If you have any questions, please email us from this website  or call 702-518 5805.

Retired Music Therapist who used Zoltan Kodaly Hand Signs in 1977 ......"Creates NEW WIRELESS Music Reading & Music Performance Method" For the BLIND


For the first time in history, Blind and Deaf-Blind music lovers can NOW play music with very little training (similar to Kodaly's HAND-SIGN Method he used in the 1977).

ARBECY's "Wireless Music Notes" represents a dream come true for many populations experiencing physical, mental, and developmental challenges. In the mid 1950's, Kodaly used hand signs to train music reading &  music performance at a quicker pace than traditional methods.  Today, ARBECY utilizes "TACTILE STIMULATION" to communicate musical notes to Blind and Deaf Blind Bell Choir Members.  



ARBECY represents a "Paradigm Shift" in music training, music reading and music performance.  By utilizing "Wireless Music Notes",  the use of visual music notes are eliminated while opening the door to new Blind and Deaf-Blind populations. (See ARBECY STORY regarding Mary Anne's inspirational history with ARBECY)

In addition, Arbecy also enables many populations to enjoy performing music in "ONE ACTIVITY"....... ALL  Together..... AT THE SAME TIME without regard for normality or physical, developmental, or medical challenges.  

Families can now  enjoy participating in an Arbecy activities with family members who are normally isolated due to their blindness (or other challenges).  For the first time in history, music lovers that were normally excluded from reading and performing music can now do both with very little music training (similar to  the way Kodaly's Hand Sign Method made music performance accessible to many populations in the mid 1950's). 

Finally, "ARBECY MUSIC TRAINING" uses wireless music notes that are similar to "cell phone notification vibrations"  used in cell phones throughout the world. These vibrations  are the "Tactile Representation"  of music notes traditionally read by musicians using music manuscript. At various levels of ARBECY Music Training, these vibrations also resemble "morse code" vibrational signals. This enables the participant to play several notes required in a musical presentation.  

Jasper Spicero's "Centinel"




The Swiss Institute Contemporary Art was founded in 1986 as an independent non-profit contemporary art institution. It is dedicated to promoting forward-thinking and experimental art making.  Located in New York City’s East Village (38 St. Marks Place at Second Avenue), it is only within a half mile of several prominent cultural and educational institutions (including: Anthology Film Archives, Cooper Union, Dancespace Project, and New York University).

In January 2019, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art is presenting Jasper Spicero’s Solo Exhibition entitled “Centinel”. It will exhibit Jasper’s collaborative work with Arbecy®’s Blind Bell Choirs as part of this presentation. 

Jasper Spicero’s work in creating and developing innovative artistic creations has opened a new era for many populations around the world (including the hearing & visually impaired, blind, deaf-blind, autistic, etc). After years of world travel, Jasper continues to be on the cutting edge of this new movement of innovative creations in art, sculptures, film, and music. His recent collaboration with Jerry Simon (Arbecy's Inventor) has resulted in the first presentation of its kind, “Centinel”.

In the mid 19th century, Thomas Frognall Dibdin wrote,

“The solitary Centinel gives the password upon the ramparts; and every footstep, however slight, has its particular echo.

Jasper’s Solo Exhibition demonstrates the 1st echo of Centinel’s “All-Inclusive” experience for many  populations without regard for limitations or challenges.  This new and innovative art form combines cutting edge technology and musical instruments that demonstrate how Blind & Deaf-Blind participants “read & perform music” by utilizing the wireless technology of Arbecy®.